EngiQueers Canada

We promote and advocate for the inclusion of LGBTQ+ students (and their allies) in engineering schools across Canada

Our Principles


To provide a platform and to facilitate communication between all active organizations, with the intention of organizations sharing best practices, biggest learnings, and helping one another solve organizational or political problems as they happen.


To assist with the sustainability and continuity of all organizations and to coordinate physical, in-person meetups between local and national chapters.


To share contact information of local LGBTQ+ engineering professionals (with consent) for the purpose of school visits, panel discussions and various other professional events.

Executive Team

Madeline Sialtis

Email: president@engiqueers.ca

Broderic Clement-Thorne

Email: vicepresident@engiqueers.ca

Vanessa Raponi

National Councillor
Email: vanessa@engiqueers.ca

Alexander Dow

National Councillor
Email: dow@engiqueers.ca

Trent Chappus

Executive Director
Email: trent@engiqueers.ca

Julia Reinstein

Executive Director
Email: julia@engiqueers.ca

Emily Abelseth

Western Regional Director
Email: emily@engiqueers.ca

Matthew Lawrence

Ontario Regional Director
Email: matthew@engiqueers.ca

Antoine Betenjaneh

Québec Regional Director
Email: antoine@engiqueers.ca

Alexandre Wood-Seems

Atlantic Regional Director
Email: alexandre@engiqueers.ca

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