Engineers Canada upholds the honour, integrity, and interests of the engineering profession by supporting consistent high standards in the regulation of engineering, encouraging the growth of the profession in Canada, and inspiring public confidence.

Engineers Canada’s sponsorship of EQ Canada was established officially on April 30, 2019. EQ and Engineers Canada are working as partners to facilitate progress towards increased diversity and inclusion in the engineering profession, and the goals of EQ Canada to teach the fundamentals of intersectionality through training and facilitated discussions of various systems of oppression. EQ is providing education, training, and resources on diversity, and advice on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES)

The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) is a national, bilingual organization that represents approximately 84,000 engineering students across Canada. Offering services ranging from leadership development conferences, to technical skill competitions, and other outreach efforts, the CFES aims to provide opportunities for engineering students in Canada to become unparalleled professionals in their field.

The partnership between EQ Canada and CFES was established officially in January 2018. EngiQueers is providing guidance to instill inclusivity in all CFES activities, and the CFES is supporting EQ Canada in on their efforts to create inclusive environments for all engineering students across Canada.