Let’s celebrate, promote, and advocate for diversity & inclusivity in engineering.


Who are the EngiQueers?

It all started in June 2013, when five engineering students from McMaster University attended Toronto Pride. Inspired by the movement, they started a student club focused on social events.

Today, EngiQueers Canada is a nationwide non-profit organization that represents over 30 similar member groups at engineering schools across the country.

Our Three Pillars


Professional Development

We, as queer engineering students, wish to build strong and diverse network connections through accessible and valuable professional development opportunities. We achieve this by partnering with queer-friendly engineering companies and hosting on-campus events, such as Lunch & Learns.


Education & Advocacy

We educate our partners and peers by providing EDI (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Training workshops, hosting sessions on special topics (such as oppression, appropriation, and intersectionality) and sharing resources between member groups across the country. As needed, we advocate for inclusive policies at the institutions we attend.


Social Connection

Engineering school can be hard work at times, but also a lot of fun. We enjoy attending Pride parades across Canada and hosting social events, such as craft nights and drag shows. We are actively evolving engineering student culture and traditions to become more inclusive and reflective of our diverse community.